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Welcome to Smarty Pants DC Tutoring

We are a boutique tutoring company that offers one-on-one and small-group instruction to students grades 4-12. Effective tutoring can be an excellent supplement to a public or private school education. One-on-one tutoring offers unmatched personalized service in which the tutor serves both as a skilled instructor, and a cornerstone for motivation and confidence.

At Smarty Pants, that means everything from customized lesson plans to regular post-session follow-up with parents. It means giving students resources so that they can perform better on their own, but always having tutors accessible for guidance and support. It also means collaboration: we work with all relevant members of a student’s educational network to maximize the child’s full academic potential. Smarty Pants DC meets every student where he or she is right now. Together, we build a bridge to where the student wants to be.

Sometimes, that journey lasts a session or two: for last-minute test prep, or application editing. More often, Smarty Pants DC tutors and their students embark on enduring partnerships toward scholastic excellence, and maintain communication long after the first exam has been aced and the final acceptance letter opened. It has been immensely fulfilling for us to nurture these connections over the years, and to watch as students improve their grades, mature as learners, and flourish as young people.
"Smarty Pants DC was the answer to our learning struggles. My daughter's tutor is the underpinning to her academic success."
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Application Advising

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Organizational Coaching

We work with parents and teachers to monitor progress while guiding students towards the path of scholastic self-sufficiency. Read more

Academic Tutoring

Our professionally trained tutors offer remedial, on-level, and enrichment support and private instruction in all core subjects. Read more

Test Preparation

From the ISEE to the SAT, our standardized test prep helps students enjoy the process while achieving their academic goals. Read more

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